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Missouri Occupational Medicine

Dr. Bobby Enkvetchakul, MD, MPH, MRO | Washington, Missouri

Missouri Occupational Medicine is a privately owned medical practice serving the Washington, Missouri, area. We provide occupational, or work-related, medicine under the direction of Dr. Bobby Enkvetchakul, MD, MPH, MRO, who is Board-Certified in occupational medicine.

Missouri Occupational Medicine provides same-day appointments, injury treatment, drug testing, breath alcohol testing, pre-employment physicals, pulmonary function tests, hearing tests, DOT exams, Independent Medical Exams (IME), and excellent case management.

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Visit our New Office!

1 West 12th Street, Washington, MO 63090

Dr. Bobby Enkvetchakul, MD, mPh. Missouri Occupational Medicine located in Washington, Missouri

Meet Dr. Bobby Enkvetchakul

Dr. Bobby Enkvetchakul, MD, MPH, MRO, who goes by “Dr. Bobby” due to his long last name, is Board-Certified in occupational medicine.  He graduated from St. Louis University Medical School and did his residency in occupational medicine there.

Dr. Bobby’s formal training in occupational medicine gives him a deep understanding of work comp laws.  He is a knowledgeable resource for Human Resource professionals, while giving excellent care to employees.

Missouri Occupational Medicine located in Washington, Missouri

Dr. Bobby’s office serves many companies from the area surrounding Washington, including:
Union, MO · New Haven, MO · Hermann, MO · St. Clair, MO · Sullivan, MO · Warrenton, MO · Eureka, MO · Pacific, MO · Cuba, MO · Beaufort, MO · Labadie, MO · Gerald, MO · St. Louis County

Drug Testing

In-office drug testing and on-site drug testing are offered. Missouri Occupational Medicine offers a variety of drug testing methods to meet your company’s changing needs. These include urine rapid test, 5 panel, 9 panel, saliva drug testing, hair follicle tests, random drug testing, and other tests. We also offer tests that target opiate drug use, as well as long term drug use.


Dr. Bobby performs thorough Pre-employment physicals, taking as much time as needed with each patient. Other Physicals, such as post-hire exams, rehire exams, executive exams, etc. Missouri Occupational Medicine also offers Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals that are compliant with the current DOT regulations. Return to Work Physicals given with reasonable return to work restrictions.

Workplace Injuries

Dr. Bobby’s office serves as an urgent-care for acute but not life-threatening work-related injuries, such as eye injuries, crush injuries, cuts, burns, and other injuries. Dr. Bobby’s goal is to provide excellent medical care to employees, while being mindful that employers need cases to be resolved as soon as possible, with the best outcome for all involved.