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About Dr. Bobby Enkvetchakul

Dr. Bobby Enkvetchakul’s goal is to provide excellent Occupational Medicine care to employees, while being mindful that employers need cases to be resolved as soon as possible, with the best outcome of all involved.

Dr. Bobby Enkvetchakul and Missouri Occupational Medicine Staff | Washington, Missouri

Dr. Bobby Enkvetchakul, MD, MPH, MRO

Dr. Bobby, as he is called due to his long last name, is a medical doctor with a master degree in Public Health. He graduated from the St. Louis University School of Medicine, and also did his residency training in occupational medicine at St. Louis University. He is board-certified in occupational medicine and has over 15 years of experience as an occupational medicine specialist. This gives him the expertise to understand the law while giving your employees the best of care. Dr. Bobby is also a certified medical review officer (MRO).

Areas We Serve

Missouri Occupational Medicine is located at 1 West 12th St, Washington, MO.  Dr. Bobby’s office serves many companies from the area surrounding Washington, including Union, New Haven, Hermann, St. Clair, Sullivan, Warrenton, Eureka, Pacific, Cuba, Beaufort, Labadie, Gerald, and St. Louis County.